The EFB software solution shaped by AIRLINES for AIRLINES

✓ For iPad OS and Windows OS EFB Units
✓ Full range of Software Module types
✓ Fully customized Workflows
✓ Fully customized Modules and Reports
✓ Full Flexibility, Agility and Scalability


Paperless Flight Bag™ solutions for iOS hardware units are focused on efficiency and safety enhancing modules which utilize the natural work flow values of iOS to its full extent. Paperless Flight Bag™ for iOS is a powerful and efficient platform which allows a high degree of customization for the cockpit crews while it matches all your current and future mission types and reporting requirements.


Paperless Flight Bag™ for Windows hardware units features all the dynamic functionalities of the iOS platform solution, while offering more advanced integration flexibility for certain module types and for integration with the aircraft due to the multitasking capabilities of Windows.  Paperless Flight Bag™ for Windows is fully customized to each operator’s requirements.


Paperless Flight Bag™ incorporates over 20 different airborne and ground-based modules which are customized to match your EFB platform requirements. Each module serves a specific purpose and satisfies a particular need for each operator in relation to the type of operation and deployment steps desired. In addition to integrating…..


The IFS platform provides cross-module data transfer integrity ensuring that any data which is imported, inserted by the crew or is generated by any module is used across the platform in a robust, structured data model. The data is automatically validated in all Modules. The Back-Office portal engine is normally hosted by IFS on superfast, multi-redundant and secure server systems.