“The possibilities of the system are second to none and we continue to expand the Paperless Flight Bag™ all the time. The flexibility of IFS, makes it easy to customize the Paperless Flight Bag™ to make it an integrated part of the flight deck and the pilots working tool.”

Mr. Jakob Evald


“Helvetic Airways selected the comprehensive Paperless Flight Bag™ software solution from IFS because it copes with our current and future demanding operational requirements. The Paperless Flight Bag™ will be a cornerstone in our operational set-up and its flexibility secures that we can meet our long term EFB strategy goals.”

Mr. Bruno Jans

CEO, Helvetic Airways.

“After the implementation and approval of the Paperless Flight Bag™ we have reduced our printing cost dramatically and the amount of reports we receive from the flight crew has increased because of the reporting module. But the greatest benefit is the Back-Office, where we have access to all the data.”

Mr. Samal Dannielsen

Director of Flight Operation, ATLANTIC AIRWAYS

”The user-friendly, effective and yet flexible architecture provided by the Paperless Flight Bag™ gives Helvetic Airways the opportunity to bring even more automation into its processes thus reducing workload on flights as well as for ground personnel. Furthermore we are capable to improve lines of communication within our organization resulting in a yet more efficient way of working.”

Mr. Christian Suhner

IT Project manager & Capt., Helvetic Airways

We are convinced that the implementation of the IFS Paperless Flight Bag™ solution will reduce post flight data processing time, as well as will increase data input accuracy across the systems. This is a valuable addition to our current solution provided by Airbus FlySmart performance applications and eCharts by Navblue for terminal and enroute charts.

Mr. Olegs Krisovatijs

Vice President Production, Avion Express

“ACM AIR CHARTER signed a contract with IFS in early 2013 for a comprehensive Paperless Flight Bag™ software solution and has obtained final German LBA/CAA approval in record time, yet the solution is still highly customized to cope with ACM AIR CHARTER’s demanding operational requirements. The Paperless Flight Bag™ is a cornerstone in our operational set-up with a flexibility which secure we can meet our long term EFB strategy goals.”

Mr. Thomas Minninger and Dr. Andreas Schirmeisen

Managing Directors, ACM AIR CHARTER

”The operational advantages and the user friendly yet flexible architecture provided by the PFB™ Paperless Flight Bag means that our flight crews save a lot of time and paper preparing their flight and OCC receives all relevant data before takeoff and after landing instantly.  Besides the whole company document structure such as Operating Manuals, MEL`s or other documents related to the company or the aircraft are stored and managed easily with full control and are automatically distributed worldwide. Therefore we can provide revised Operating Manuals after their release by the authority immediately to any of our iPad’s. Regardless if the aircraft is currently in South America or Europe”, 

Mr. Tobias Arnold

EFB Project Manager and responsible Fleetpilot for Falcon types