The IFS’ Electronic Flight Bag!

The future of flying is all about customization and increasing efficiency – constantly. We target individual commercial airline needs with Paperless Flight Bag™ modules, customized in beautiful functional design, easily adapted on iPads and Windows tablets. Experienced experts make integration into backend airline systems flawless. Our research and development team is always exploring new ways to optimize user experience, efficiency gains and automated data handling. After all – only the sky is the limit when you fly with Paperless Flight Bag™ solutions from IFS.

Ilya is driven by the ambition to transform how airlines have been operating for decades. The Paperless Flight Bag™ is IFS’ electronic flight bag that aims to make pilots say that finally we have got a solution that will allow us to focus on flying rather than paperwork. At the same time the flight operations manager can spend his time making decisions that will transform his/ her operations


Chairman of the Board, IFS

Jens Pisarski, a pilot himself and COO & Partner of International Flight Support, talks about how airlines are using the power of technology to reduce their cost and improve their operational performance.


Jens Presaski