Software Engineer- C#

Company Description  

International Flight Support is a modern Danish software company, building a scalable SaaS solution for the aviation industry. Our Paperless Flight Bag™ platform is used daily in the cockpit by 30+ airlines and rapidly growing. We help our clients to reduce workload, digitizing paperwork and increasing efficiency.

 Job Description  

 As a software engineer in IFS you will become a part of a highly skilled team. We constantly improve and love experimenting with new technologies that stand in line with our business needs. We strive to choose the best solution no matter who came up with it, our hierarchy is flat and we take technical decisions together. We’re not afraid of making mistakes; we are afraid of team members who won’t admit their mistakes. 

 Your initial task will be crafting backend APIs.

Our vision is to build a team where members come from different backgrounds, but eventually works across the entire stack. Over time we will introduce you to our frontend solutions and will help you get up to speed with web and Xamarin development.


We expect you to be a team player who enjoys working together, helping others and learning from others, always striving to improve.We are looking for someone who can see the big picture and realizes that understanding the client’s needs is the key to bringing value as a software developer. We believe in recruiting software engineers that take responsibility for their work.
It’s the right mindset we are looking for. We don’t mind formal education, but we will put your skills to a test as part of the recruitment process.
The right candidate most likely has:

  • >7 years coding experience
  • >3 years C# and Microsoft SQL Server 

 Additional information 

We are not looking for contractors, agents, off-shore, etc. but motivated and gifted candidates willing to take part in our journey as a team member. 



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