Steinar Sveinsson, EFB Project Manager, SmartLynx Airlines and Jens Pisarski, COO, International Flight Support outline the successful iPad EFB project at SmartLynx.

In this article, we’re will look at one of the key topics of the day, connected systems. We’ll do this by sharing SmartLynx’s experience connecting all of their systems through their EFB solution. But before that, some background information on SmartLynx to set the scene.

Click and read the full case study here: Case Study – Smartlynx Airlines – Paperless Flight Bag

The IFS Paperless Flight Bag™ is an integrated and fully interfaced EFB platform solution which delivers the software for the aircraft with one or multiple modules as well as the ground based Back-Office system with integrations to multiple systems such as Maintenance, Flight Planning, Performance, Scheduling, etc. With the database, the EFB can manage all data flows into and out of the EFB system — a controlled environment in which the user can support the airline with any needs they have from the ground or in the aircraft. Some of the modules available in the Paperless Flight Bag™ can be seen here.