Copenhagen, 22nd January 2018

AVION EXPRESS to implement the Paperless Flight Bag™ EFB Platform

Avion Express is pleased to announce that it has signed an agreement with IFS – International Flight Support, a Copenhagen based EFB Software Platform provider, to support its system with paperless solutions.

Looking for ways to increase efficiency, Avion Express has selected Paperless Flight Bag™ solution provided by IFS to strengthen operational information exchange processes among the company’s IT systems and to raise the level of operational awareness between crew members and its headquarters.

The Paperless Flight Bag™ software solution is a new standard for high quality modular EFB architecture, offering a unique degree of customization options that reflects each operator’s preferences.

The first phase of implementation will include integration with:

  • Operations and Crewing system;
  • Maintenance planning system;
  • Flight Planning system;
  • Safety Management system;
  • Document Management system;
  • Terminal/Enroute Charts system.

Additional modules that will be implemented include, but are not limited to: Flight Log, Mass and Balance and, ATC/ATIS Note Taker, Electronic Operational Flight Plan module.

Olegs Krisovatijs, Avion Express Vice President Production, says,We are convinced that the implementation of the IFS Paperless Flight Bagsolution will reduce post flight data processing time, as well as will increase data input accuracy across the systems. This is a valuable addition to our current solution provided by Airbus FlySmart performance applications and eCharts by Navblue for terminal and enroute charts.

Avion Express fully intends to have the system up and running on its entire fleet by May 1st, 2018.

IFS – International Flight Support is an innovative and experienced supplier of iOS and Windows 8/10 based EFB Platform solutions developed exclusively for the aviation industry. The company has a full 16 years of operational experience providing in-cockpit calculation and data registration solutions to airlines, business aircraft operators and military users.

Avion Express is the largest airline in Lithuania and the largest narrow-body wet-lease operator in the world. During 2017 Avion Express was operating 16 Airbus 319/320/321 aircraft.