Vision and Mission

The PFB™ Paperless Flight Bag – A true 3rd generation EFB product from International Flight Support

There are an increasing number of companies offering Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) solutions. However, currently no common definition of an EFB system exists in the market and the required features differ from operator to operator as well as the standard composition of available EFB functionalities differ from supplier to supplier. This makes it very easy for potential clients to be confused as to what exactly is being offered to them. Any kind of comparison then easily becomes an exercise in futility.

It is consequently our vision, that EFB implementation for aircraft operators shall be easy and made a natural element of running a competitive aircraft operation which incorporates all needed data presentation and calculation needs to/from and on board your aircraft.

IFS offers its customers a path to a goal – A Paperless Cockpit

There are many ways to achieve this goal with IFS products. As an operator you can do it gradually, by replacing individual paper-based functions with effective software modules on a step-by-step basis, or you can try to do it all at once – by substituting all of the paper with digital services. Either way, the solution offered by IFS allows for a smooth transition, without dead-end hardware and wasted capital costs, to get to the desired goal the fastest way. And you as the customer decide the elements you want to incorporate and when you want to incorporate them.

IFS main focus is software, which allows the client to choose the desired and most suitable physical (hardware) platform on which to run the various time-saving and efficiency-building modules. Our services work on Windows, Apple and Android based Operating Systems (OS). The goal is to give the customer the freedom of choice and not to push a particular EFB device that could become obsolete or ineffectual for the client in the long-run.

The EFB solution offered by our company is designed to provide the customer with as many options as possible. This not only goes for the choice of hardware but also for the services available from 3rd Party providers. Once the IFS PFB™ software platform is chosen the customer should have the option of requesting incorporation of additional applications and modules from other vendors to be able to work with and to develop the IFS PFB™ software platform.