The Paperless Flight Bag

IFS delivers next generation Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) solutions to the aerospace industry, under the product name the Paperless Flightbag (PFB). We live in a fast moving world, and IFS believes in working together with you the customer to deliver the solution you need at the time you need it. We strive to meet your needs with flexibility and cooperation. To do this we have developed two base solutions: The PFB for iPad and the PFB for Windows. Both are highly configurable, and we work hard to make the tools and process of customizing the solutions as quick and easy as possible.

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PFB for iPad

(Class I & Class II)
The Paperless Flightbag for iPad is a next generation solution that mirrors the successful IFS platform created for Windows based hardware devices. It has all of the same functionality and features you will find in our conventional EFB software solutions. An iPad based EFB System is highly practical and compares favorably with competing technology. Another advantage is the ease and speed of set up either as a Class I or II hardware.

PFB for Windows

(Class I & Class II)
The Paperless Flightbag for Windows platform is the next step up from the PFB iPad app, as it is a a fully integrated software platform running on a Windows 7 or XP OS with a wide array of functionality. You may choose to incorporate the PFB platform on cockpit-mounted computers (Class II), or use it with stow–able laptops (Class I). Either way the customer has the option of choice with this comprehensive and configurable solution.